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Rates & Memberships

Play Time

With both retro and modern consoles available, as well as the latest in virtual reality gaming, you'll have the ultimate gaming experience without having to go anywhere else.

Ready Up Membership

 Enjoy the full range of gaming experiences available in our spacious lounge, see all membership benefits  below. we have 2 main tiers while also including a discount for students.

Trading Cards

 We offer an extensive selection of trading cards, along with the ability to buy, sell, and trade them. we also rent tables for playing with your favorite cards with friends.




1 hour

Consoles playtime

3 hour

Consoles playtime

6 hour

Consoles playtime

Day Pass

Consoles playtime


  • Pro

    Every month
    • 10% Off private events
    • $5 every month in store credit
    • 2hrs of free play monday-thursday
  • Veteran

    Every month
    • 5hrs of game time monday-thursday
    • 10% Off private events
    • Bring a friend and they get 50% off gameplay time
    • $5 in store credit monthly
    • Exclusive events invite
  • Students

    Every month
    stop in and show a valid student ID Highschool and college
    • Receives all benefits of the pro tier

Table top Games

Rent a table

Ready Up is the perfect place to host your next gaming event or gathering. We offer rental tables for popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Dungeons and Dragons, and more. Our tables are available for rent by the hour, making it easy to schedule your gaming sessions and invite your friends to join you.


$4 per hour

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